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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm


Consultationsncology and Lymphedema Massage: $20 / 6

I am not currently taking massage appointments during the Covid Crisis because I cannot guarantee your safety.  I will be opening a new professional massage/hypnotherapy office in 2021 post-vaccine and look forward to seeing you then. Until then, should you have need of any pain or medical support, I am now working online as a Certified Medical Support Hypnotherapist.

During this stressful time, hypnotherapy has helped many people to reduce pain and symptoms from injuries and disease. Hypnotherapy has also been proven in studies to reduce recovery time and improve quality of healing. This natural mind-body technique has helped people for thousands of years and is now used as an integral part of conventional medicine to prevent pain, diminish fear and anxiety, and relieve suffering. 

If you are interested in discovering if Hypnotherapy can work for you, please call (586)255-3312 and receive a...

Free 20 minute hypnotherapy phone consultation

*Hypnotherapy is not a replacement for medical or mental services and I require that you consult with your medical professionals for approval if you are currently receiving professional mental or physical care. 

Hypnotherapy Sessions: $150/ 45-90 MIN

PKG of 3, 6, or 9 suggested as appropriate time to meet clients needs. Client can end sessions any time.

Workshops available online for businesses and families.

Sessions may include: Suggestion Therapy, Guided Imagery, Regression, Past Life, Personalized Audio Recordings, Lessons for Self-Hypnosis, and Accelerator Techniques, and Bibliotherapy

Topic may include but are not limited to:

  • Self-Healing Methods
  • Pain Erasure Techniques
  • Emotional Healing
  • Stress relief
  • Sadness 
  • Ending Bad Habits
  • Healing Grief and Loss
  • Healing your relationship with food and weight
  • Improving sports performance
  • improving the quality of your relationships
  • Regaining natural sleep
  • Expanding spiritual connection
  • Discovering your earthly purpose
  • Increasing financial income
  • Increasing self-esteem/ experiencing self love
  • Test taking made easy

Nutrition Wellness: $65 / 60 MIN
Need assistance in fine tuning your food plan? I combine both a Eastern and Western approach with my Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and my Ayurvedic Training from David Frawley. Educate youself on nutrition basics, vitamins supplements or eat in a spiritually grounded way with whole and organic foods aligned with your dosha.

  • Please fill out Nutrition Intake Form in Advance:  Form

  • Make appointment 2 weeks from mailing back Nutrition Intake Form

  • Please take the Ayurveda Dosha Test: Test

Link to Test

Essential Oils:  $45/ 30 MIN   $65/ 60 MIN
Essential oils are collected to create household kits to treat a variety of daily life issues. From cleaning to wellness needs, these organic, therapeutic grade oils are a treasure to learn about. Education by way of Doterra Therapeutic Grade oils and/or personalized oil suggestions and instructions for usage. Oils are available for purchase or order.

Personalized Yoga Instruction: $65 / 60 MIN
Yoga is for all body types and all ages. Learn poses and prop suggestions for your specific needs for a short home yoga routine.

  • Please take dosha test for custom Ayurvedic poses  and breathing exercises for overall wellbeing: Dosha Test

Meditation Guidance, Guided Imagery, Deep Breathing or Mantras: $65 / 60 MIN 
For every aspect of life including: well being, anxiety, depression, relaxation or spiritual growth.

Wellness Presentations Available Upon Request $200 

Nutrition, Cancer, Women's Wellness, Heart Health, Brain Health, Healthy Gut, Essential Oils, A Spiritual Life, Chakras, Animal Guides, Mantra's, Forgiveness and Ho'oponopono, What is Life Coaching?, Meridian Tapping, and Pranayama: Deep Breathing, Self - Realization and Yoga Lifestyle and Canvas and Wine Paint classes.

Specialty Services:

Oncology Massage: 30 MIN/ $45   1 HR/ $70
Helps reduce the side effects of cancer and cancer treatments during and post treatment. Touch is determined by health history and supports the emotional, mental, and physical needs during this time for both patients and caregivers. Often a short gentle session more often is preferred. Sleep, nausea, anxiety, and pain has been shown to be positively affected during and post cancer treatments using gentle touch.
(See oncology massage studies). Be sure to read our Thoughtful Purchases Section in Menu for hospital and infusion sessions. 

  • *Blood clots must be treated for 3 days of medication before treatment can resume.
  • **Treatment should be cancelled on days of fever with immediate call to physician.

Sessions designed by therapist and client may include:

  • Hand or foot massage
  • Head and shoulders massage 
  • Hold and Stroke 
  • CIPN (Chemotherapy Induced Peripheral Neuropathy)
  • Cording Relief
  • Preventative lymphedema education and therapy after lymph node removal or    damage 
  • ROM and targeted relief for radiation poses
  • Scar Therapy 
  • Breast Massage during expander and post reconstruction for suppleness and returned mobility 

Manual Lymphatic Drainage: 30 MIN / $45   60 MIN/ $70
For clients looking to maintain or reacquire a comfortable and functional limb in conjunction with their compression garments. Should compression wrapping be necessary to fit back into original compression garments, all bandages and materials will be recommended by therapist and purchased by client.

Compression Therapy - Wrapping and lessons

60 MIN / $70

Compression bandages maintain pressure on the lymphatic system while manually draining edema from a limb until its reduced to functional size. The limb is then fit for garments. Through a combination of garments, manual drainage and bandages when necessary, the limb size is maintained. Exercise with bandages on is encouraged for better drainage.

  • *Skin should be clean before application
  • **Evidence of cellulitis or other acute infection, bloot clot, cardiac edema, or renal disease are contrainindications for treatment.

General Services:

Relaxation: 60 MIN / $70     90 MIN / $100

Long gliding strokes at the pressure that meets your needs to sooth your mind, body, and spirit. Stress reduces the bodies immunity, interferes with sleep,causes indigestion and increases symptoms of autoimmune disorders. A monthly session of TLC by way of human touch may just be the secret to a long and healthy life. 

30 MIN/ $45  60 MIN / $70   90 MIN/ $100

Target areas with specific goals and timelines. Various techniques are used at a pressure determined by the technique, area, and plan not to exceed clients comfort. This is the best treatment for chronic muscular pain, recognized as pain that is present regardless of movement. Chronic pain typically requires at least 3 treatments, once a week for 3 weeks before pain begins to reduce. Treatments are usually reduced to ever other week for 3 weeks at that point until client is comfortable for a month to month treatment.

Additional recommendations:

  • Muscle reliever, Deep Blue applied topically
  • Infared heat in form of sauna or mat: healthylinemats.com
  • Yoga
  • Tennis balls at points of discomfort: begin at 3 in a sock
  • Epsom salt bath

Aroma Touch: 50 MIN / $70 

Doterra Oils are applied to the feet, spine, neck, and ears in feather light repeating strokes designed to promote holistic wellness. Be ready to sleep well after this treatment. 

  • Applications:plications:
  • Stress release, better sleep, immunity boost, digestion, emotional release, comfort and more.

Reflexology and Acupressure Points:

30 MIN/ $45   or    60 MIN / $70

Pressure at reflex points on the feet and hands signal the nervous system to stimulate a correlating organ and/or are in the body. The stimulation encourages healthy function of internal organs and systems of the body. Essential oils for specific needs and tuning forks can be add on for this treatment. Sessions are primarily on feet but ma include hands or various other pressure points on the body. For chronic issues, a series of short sessions once or twice a week is suggested.

  • Applications:
  • Symptom relief from systematic disorders, pain reduction, nausea, indigestion, stress, improved sleep, and others. 

Head, Face, and Neck: 30 MIN / $45    60 MIN/ $70
Cranial Sacral Movements on head, acupressure points on face, Positional Resistance Movements for neck and jaw, and lymphatic drainage are just some of the options for this area of the body.

  • Applications:
  • Headaches and Migraines, lock jaw, sinus pressure, stress and anxiety, vertigo, better sleep, neck pain and strain, and whip lash.

Reiki: 30 MIN / $40     60 MIN/ $65

Reiki can be experienced clothed and with touch or without. It helps to trigger the parasympathetic nervous system and relax the body through near proximity of the facilitators hands at the endocrine glands and limbs. The client will often feel a  tingling or hot or cold sensation at the area of focus. Reiki is practiced in over 900 hospitals nationwide and is recognized as a non invasive way to treat pain anxiety, nausea, and to decrease recovery time. It is used on children and adults.


    • Physical, mental, and spiritual needs of any kind
    •  At least 3 half hour sessions in close proximity are encouraged for best results.

    General Lymphatic Drainage: 60 MIN / $70

    Includes abdominal massage, deep breathing and breast drainage upon permission. Gentle rhythmic movement of the skin helps to increase the speed of your lymphatic system  thus boosting immune system. 

    • Applications:
    • General Relaxation, fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Scleroderma, Sinus Headache, Migraine, Inflammatory Rheumatism, Post-Surgical Edema, Post-Traumatic Edema, Lipedema, Plebo-Lymphostatic Edema, Chronic Venous Inefficiency, CRPS

    Tuning Forks Sound Therapy: 60 MIN / $65

    Sound is the original form of all energy. Our bodies resonate sound and are affected by its vibrations. Certain vibrations effectively "tune us", providing a calm mental, physical, and spiritual environment. Enjoy this meditative hour on a warm massage table with tuning forks, instruments, essential oils, incense, and chakra stones with deep breathing.

    Add these on to any treatment:

    • Essential Oils
    • Tuning Forks
    • Reflexology
    • Guided Imagery
    • Scar Therapy
    • Intuitive Cards
    • Mantras or Positive Affirmations
    • CIPN

    • Abdominal Massage

    Thoughtful Purchases

    Gift Certificates

    Offsite services $1 per MIN including travel time unless otherwise indicated

    Package of three 60 MIN Massage / $180 

    Massages may be spread out in half hour increments.

    Hospital or infusion lab for foot or hand massage. Package of five 15-MIN sessions:

    In Petoskey: $200      In Charlevoix: $300

    Chair Massage $100 / HOUR

    Palliative hospice care at home, hospital, or center is available upon phone consultation. Consultation will address package price and modalities of care.